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  • Ginner of the Year - George LaCour

    Pictured below:  SCGA Executive Vice-President, Tim Price, Marti LaCour, daughter Katheryn Floyd, George LaCour, Tri-Parish Gin, Lettsworth, La. and Holt Shoaf, SCGA President.

  • Memorial Scholarship Honoree - Richard (Dick) Bransford

    Pictured below: Rick Bransford (son), wife Johnnie Bransford, Roger Bransford (son) and Lee Todd, former SCGA Executive Vice-President.

  • A.L. Vandergriff Pioneer Award - Woods E. Eastland

    Pictured below: Woods E. Eastland, Staplcotn, Greenwood, Miss., his wife Lynn and Tim Price, SCGA Executive Vice-President

  • MSFGS pre-show event: SCGA Annual Meeting

    For many events, it’s the after-party that people want to attend. But for many in the cotton industry, especially those attending the Mid-South Farm and Gin Show, it’s the pre-show event that rates high in terms of a must-attend session. That pre-show event is the Southern Cotton Ginners Association Annual Meeting.

    Scheduled for Thursday, February 25 at 1:30 p.m. at The Peabody Hotel, the meeting is the annual session that brings together members of the five state cotton ginners associations that compose the Southern Cotton Ginners. Ginners from Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, and Tennessee will gather in the Venetian Room at The Peabody to hear the annual account of each state association, as well as obtain valuable insight into key issues facing the industry.

    Ron Craft, president of the National Cotton Ginners Association, will provide introductory comments. A three-segment session -- “Cotton’s future in the Mid-South: There’s a reason for optimism” – features information on yield and quality potential, cotton’s fiber rebound, and technology adoption.

    Featured speakers include Jay Mahaffey, Monsanto Scott Learning Center Manager, Mark Messura, Senior Vice President, Global Supply Chain Marketing, Cotton Incorporated; Dr. Tommy Valco, Cotton Technology Transfer and Education Coordinator, Office of Technology Transfer, Jamie Whitten Delta States Research Center, Stoneville, Miss.; Larry Falconer, Extension Professor, Mississippi State University Department of Agricultural Economics, Delta Research and Extension Center, Stoneville,  Miss., and Dr. Bill Robertson, Professor, Cotton Extension Agronomist, University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture, Newport, Ark.

    Following the Annual Meeting, SCGA members will attend the annual Honors Banquet. Honorees at the 2016 banquet include: George LaCour, Tri-Parish Gin, Lettsworth, LA, SCGA Ginner of the Year;  Richard “Dick” Bransford, Lonoke, AR, SCGA Memorial Scholarship honoree; and Woods Eastland, Staplcotn, Greenwood, Miss., A.L. Vandergriff Pioneer Award Recipient.

    The SCGA Honors Banquet is a ticketed event. For tickets or additional information, contact the SCGA office at 901.947.3104. More information on the annual meeting can be found at the association’s website:

  • 2015-16 Safety Awards

    Mid-South gins continue to improve their safety programs by building better guards, providing more comprehensive training and projecting a positive, proactive attitude towards safety.  Based on safety audits conducted by safety director, William E. Lindamood, Jr.:
    14 gins have earned the Bronze Award, 94-96.9 score
    21 gins earned the Silver Award, 97-99.5 score
    11 gins earned the Gold Award, 99.6-99.7 score
    16 gins earned the Platinum Award 99.8-100 score
    11 gins earned the Diamond Award for scoring 99.8-100 five years in a row
    These awards were presented during the 2016 Mid-South Farm & Gin Show.

    Click to view award winners for the 2015-16 Season Safety Awards

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